Pita Ponderings

  1. Complete the on-line Franchise Application.
    The information will be reviewed by our President before it is passed on to a Regional Vice President of Real Estate & Franchise Development. Upon preliminary approval, you will be notified of our interest. This information will be kept confidential. You may also print out the page and complete it fully then fax it to 905-820-8448, attn: Alex Rechichi - President & Co-Founder.
  2. Franchise Brochure.
    Upon approval of your application, an Extreme Pita representative will contact you and will send you an Extreme Pita Franchise Brochure.
  3. Interview/Presentation.
    An Extreme Pita Representative will schedule a meeting with you at one of our Regional offices in or near your hometown. During this visit, you will get an in-depth introduction to the Extreme Pita operation, receive your Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (United States) or Disclosure Document (Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and P.E.I., Canada).
  4. Information Review.
    Review Franchise Disclosure Document (Ontario, Alberta, New Brunswick and P.E.I., Canada) or the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (USA) and evaluate Extreme Pita as a business opportunity. These documents contain valuable information to help you analyze our franchise system. We evaluate your information forms, financial statements, credit forms and background information. Upon a mutual decision to proceed, if necessary you are scheduled for a second interview.
  5. Enter Into a Franchise Agreement.
    By this point, you should have enough information about Extreme Pita to make a prudent decision. If you are approved, you may sign a franchise agreement.
  6. Site Selection.
    As soon as possible you will be shown available sites in your preferred area.
  7. Training.
    You and your management staff attend training at our Training and Test Center in Toronto, Ontario.
  8. Complete Construction.
    Upon completion of construction, store set-up and on-site training begins.
  9. Open For Business.

Salvation in Every Bite.