Pita Promotion

Word of Mouth is an effective and inexpensive form of advertising, but it’s not meant to stand alone! We’ll work with you using a variety of advertising techniques to make sure the Extreme Pita name and brand reaches your potential customers, builds awareness and reinforces the benefits of our products and services.

The Right Concept

People love fresh, new ideas, and almost everyone will try something at least once. Lucky for us, our customers can’t resist us! And most of them are repeat customers, eating at an Extreme Pita regularly. We use advertising to continue to build awareness of the Extreme Pita brand and benefits.


We make sure the Extreme Pita name is spread throughout all areas of the media using tactics that include: in-store promotions, coupon placements, press releases, outdoor advertisements (such as transit ads and billboards), radio commercials, and other media vehicles. All of it is created with the target market in mind. We continually ask ourselves “What do they want?” We also ensure that all ads are targeted specifically to build awareness of the Extreme Pita brand and its benefits.

Marketing your Store

Marketing your store before it opens for business is an important part of your initial success. Everyone wants their store to be busy as soon as it opens but if the general public isn’t aware of your opening, they won’t be there! Marketing locally in the weeks prior to the grand opening is essential!

Please select one of the following to hear one of our radio commercials.

Good Life Radio Ad


When we implement a new promotional piece, you’ll get the skinny on the proper procedures to make it a success and all the marketing tools to go along with it. The majority of promotions are intended to increase consumer awareness and proudly show off our fast, fresh and healthy products and services. In turn, these promotions will drive health-conscious consumers into your store.


The lines of communication are always open between Extreme Pita franchisees and Head Office. Our semi-annual “Hot Off the Pita Press” newsletter provides information and updates including tips to increasing sales, introducing new franchisees, training, operations, equipment, design, a note from the president and new promotions. An Extreme Discussion Board lets franchisees comment on the newsletter, tell us what’s on their minds and tell other franchisees about new and fresh ideas.

Franchisees are also kept up-to-date with regular Global Memos which inform and instruct franchisees on the correct procedures for implementing promotions; industry news; and what’s on the horizon.

Public Relations

Pita loves PR! We strongly support and encourage community involvement. Franchisees who offer their goodwill to their communities see a huge return through smiles and sales! These promotions and partnerships with charities, community organizations and businesses are essential to making any business a success.