Frequently Asked Questions

What type of locations fit into Extreme Pita site criteria?

Extreme Pita franchises are generally 1200 to 1500 square feet; however, smaller or larger restaurants are an option. They are usually located in neighborhood and community strip centres, power centres, shopping malls and downtown business district locations. The optimal area is typically densely populated, has a significant traffic count, is highly visible and is located near numerous traffic generators.

Will Extreme Pita select the location and build the store for me?

Extreme Pita is actively seeking prime locations. In certain instances, you may choose to open a restaurant in a location selected by yourself, though the location must be evaluated and approved by Extreme Pita. Extreme Pita will help you negotiate your lease, provide customized architectural and engineering drawings, hire a General Contractor, obtain building permits and order equipment.

I have little experience in negotiating leases. Will Extreme Pita offer assistance in this area?

Yes. Extreme Pita will fully negotiate or aid in lease negotiations for Franchisees.

Are there any continuing or ongoing fees after I pay my initial franchise fee?

Sales Royalty: 6% of Gross Sales; Marketing Royalty 3% of Gross Sales (see Disclosure Document for definition of Gross).

Is experience in running a small business required?

While small business experience is helpful, it is not required. Extreme Pita provides an intensive training program, which includes on site restaurant training and class room training to ensure that when you open your restaurant you are comfortable and experienced in all aspects of running a successful business..

I’m ready to proceed, what are the next steps?