Getting the word out

When you’re serving up something as delicious as Extreme Pita, you can count on word of mouth as an effective and inexpensive form of advertising — but it’s not meant to stand alone. Working with you we’ll use a variety of advertising techniques to make sure the Extreme Pita name and brand reaches your potential customers, builds awareness, and reinforces the benefits of our products.

Customers are looking for a fresh, tasty alternative and are willing to try something new. In fact, many people who try our products will become repeat customers who regularly choose Extreme Pita. We use advertising to continue to build awareness of the Extreme Pita brand and benefits.


We make sure the Extreme Pita name is recognized using various media tactics. All advertising is created with the target market in mind. We also ensure all ads are targeted specifically to build awareness of the Extreme Pita brand and its unique benefits.

Marketing Calendar

The annual marketing calendar is a comprehensive document containing all brand strategy, tactics and promotional activity for the year. It lays out the goals, objectives, and timing of the year’s marketing promotions, as well as media campaigns and merchandising efforts that are planned. An important element of the marketing plan is menu innovation, which is key in the restaurant industry. Limited Time Only promotions featuring new and current pitas are launched throughout the year. Each promotion is supported with point of purchase material and other marketing tools.

The marketing calendar is shared with franchise partners prior to the start of the fiscal year and throughout the year as plans are updated and results are available.


The lines of communication are always open between Extreme Pita franchisees and Head Office. Pita Pulse, our monthly newsletter, provides information and updates on local restaurant marketing ideas to drive sales, stories on community involvement, upcoming promotions, monthly sales rankings as well as new staff and franchisee introductions.

Throughout the year, regional meetings are held to enable discussions on business results, operational updates, marketing strategies and promotions.

Community Involvement

We strongly support and encourage community involvement. Franchisees who offer their goodwill in their communities see a huge return through smiles, sales, and local brand awareness. As an example, we annually celebrate National Pita Day where Extreme Pita locations across the country fundraise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s continued efforts to eliminate heart disease and stroke. For two weeks prior, we sell $2 red paper hearts and all proceeds go to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Guests also enjoy half-price pitas on National Pita Day as a thank you for their loyalty and a reminder to make better lifestyle choices by eating healthier.

On a local level, franchisees are encouraged to work with their community throughout the year. Promotions and partnerships with charities, community organizations and businesses are essential to making your Extreme Pita a success.