Thank you for your interest in Extreme Pita — a restaurant committed to creating fresh, tasty food people crave!

Extreme Pita International is pursuing expansion opportunities for individuals and companies with a serious interest in developing our successful brand through a multi-unit Area Development Master Franchise model in new regions around the globe. We are looking for qualified candidates who can expand the Extreme Pita brand across the globe.

Our domestic North American Franchise Development model is highly selective with respect to whom we grant franchises. Franchisees must not only possess the requisite business acumen, managerial skills, leadership, resources, and experience, but they must also be passionate business people who believe in the merits and values our brand represents.

We seek international partners who are experienced restaurant operators and retailers in their market, namely an individual or company with unique knowledge of their country’s culture as it relates to the retail community, consumer behaviour patterns and the needs and wants of the country’s population.

Ideal Area Development Master Franchise candidates will have a proven business track record, shared values, an established complementary organization, adequate financial resources and liquidity, and, above all, a passion and culture for developing and operating the Extreme Pita brand in global markets.

Take the time to examine the significant opportunities the Extreme Pita brand can offer you by becoming an International Area Development Master Franchisee in the International arena.

A highly respected Franchise Brand company with over 275 locations in North America.

A leader in providing fresh, healthy products that combine old world authentic pita bread with healthy, fresh and unique flavours.

A proven design and concept.

Participate in the explosive growth within the sandwich category.

Dedicated international resources to support franchise development and growth of the Extreme Pita brand.

Extreme Pita International provides the following support to each of its Regional Franchises:

Highly qualified and experienced people to provide direction and support you in the growth of your business.

Operations manuals, marketing & public relations support materials.

International product supply.

Comprehensive training program at Extreme Pita Head Office supported by numerous on-line training initiatives to train franchisees, restaurant operators and staff in the art of pita making.