The Extreme Pita International Area Developer Master Franchise process is a multi-step procedure designed to ensure potential Area Developers are informed, equipped, and trained to run an Extreme Pita restaurant successfully. Please review the points below to gain a better understanding of the process to attain an International Area Developer Master Franchise.

Completion of application (Extreme Pita to verify that applicant meets minimum requirements ).

Non-Disclosure agreement executed between Extreme Pita and applicant.

Extreme Pita sends detailed confidential information and a business plan outline to be completed by applicant.

Applicant visits Extreme Pita head office to meet international team, visit restaurant locations, and discuss a business plan.

Business plan is completed by applicant and sent to Extreme Pita for review.

If the submitted business plan is in line with our goals, an Extreme Pita representative will (1) visit the applicant’s country of origin to meet team members appointed to lead the Extreme Pita development (2) visit restaurants, competitors, and potential Extreme Pita sites and (3) discuss brand positioning, menu options, real estate, design elements and any outstanding issues from the business plan.

Applicant signs letter of intent covering major business terms of Master Franchise Agreement.

Master Franchise Agreement is reviewed by applicant.

Final Master Franchise Agreement is signed by both parties.

Schedule training for your key operators from the Area Developers, and get prepared to open your first restaurant!