Qualifications for International Partners


At Extreme Pita, when we say good food we mean in every way! Business-oriented, Area Developer Master Franchise candidates should believe fresh and healthy eating doesn’t need to be boring. Our partners understand the importance of eating well, but also want to offer something tasty filled with flavour.
Extreme Pita is the answer to this niche and our efforts in supplying this demand is the reason why we have grown to over 275 locations in just 15 years; combine this with our enhanced focus on guest service and the involvement of the right local Area Developer and you have a winner…EXTREME PITA!

Experience is a requirement

Applicants should have experience operating multi-unit retail locations, full-service restaurants, or comparable service-oriented businesses. Experience and local contacts in the region or country for facilitating the importation of products and to secure prime commercial real estate is a must.

Minimum financial requirements

The minimum financial requirements for consideration as an Extreme Pita International Area Developer may vary depending on the region or country. Currently applicants require a minimum net worth of at least US $4.0 million and liquidity (cash or cash equivalents) of US $2.0 million.

Investment required for an Extreme Pita

Restaurant set-up costs will vary depending on country, location, local codes and numerous other factors. Ideally, the International Area Developer is or was an owner of a well established medium to large business and background which includes demonstrated business acumen, leadership, and experience in the following:

  • 1. Real estate, leasing and construction

  • 2. People management, financial concepts and money management

  • 3. Marketing

  • 4. Sales

  • 5. General management

  • 6. Distinguished network of contacts

  • 7. Infrastructure and suitable resources

  • 8. Ability to meet established financial criteria

We seek something truly exceptional when it comes to partners abroad. Our international development requires a high level of diligence and we appreciate your patience and commitment throughout the process.

If you fulfill the above criteria, please complete the application for consideration to become an International Area Developer.